Alaska Used Snowmobiles

There are thousands of miles of public and private trails in Alaska. The snowmobile industry reports that more than 4 million people ride snowmobiles. The number of snowmobile injuries and fatalities outnumber those caused by road traffic. Rider safety awareness is critical for those who ride both Alaska used snowmobiles or new models.

The snowmobile rider is responsible for safe riding and operation of the snowmobile. A rider can find numerous sources of information on snowmobile safety in their community and online.

The Alaska State Park Trails Program offers riders hands-on safety training. A common snowmobile safety theme is to not only know safety information, but to practice using what you know, and form partnerships.

The Safe Riders! Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program is sponsored by The International Association of Snowmobile Administrators and the American Council of Snowmobile Associations, who created the website to foster snowmobile safety practices.

Safe Riders! Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program is a comprehensive, user-friendly educational website. Eight modules are subtitled as follows: Before you ride; Safety; Riding; Laws; Parts; Maintenance; Emergencies; and Dangers to avoid. Each of the eight module is subdivided into modules for easier understanding and retention. Each module includes informative graphics, and a self test.

According to the Snowmobile Safety Program, the helmet is the most important piece of a rider's gear. The Alaska State Department of Natural Resources Snowmobile Helmet Safety Incentive Program offers discounted helmets to promote helmet use.

The Snowmobile Trail Advisory Council, an organization of over 1,000 local snowmobile state associations and local clubs, has an online survey that includes snowmobile safety questions. Survey questions include whether riders use groomed trails, have attended a safety course, and whether accessibility of safety training in their location would motivate their attendance.

When riders stay aware, riders can stay safe whether riding Alaska used snowmobiles or newer models.